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FAVE Artist?
3 way tie: Rush, Floyd, Tool(all things Maynard James Keenan)

FAVE Food?
Sushi…unless I’m South of VA, then it is good ‘ol, sauce on your shirt, you’re gonna need a wet-nap fer that BBQ

FAVE Drink?
…the one on someone else’s tab

GOT Talent?
Scads of talent. In the last 5 years I’ve learned that I can cook, nurse and change a diaper with a small child attached to my leg, sing karaoke and rockin the awesome all at the same time! 

FAVE Place on Cape?
Everyplace. No butt smooching, I swear. I LOVE our little bubble. I’m from Florida and millions of people flock there as “a paradise.” Cape is my paradise. Plus, I’ve realized the dream of all coastal dwelling Floridiots. I drive under the speed limit in the left lane with my right blinker on ALL the time! SCORE

FAVE movie?
Boondock Saints

FAVE Live Show
Toss up: Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason ,1988 & Tool (pre 10,000 days)

BEST times @ PIXY
I’m a PIXY noob…I’ll get back to ya'; but, so far it HAS to be MattyB rockin the mic with Macklemore. Keep poppin’ them tags, Baby!

FAVE spot on Cape for a brew?
Hands down, Embargo on Wednesday night! Its my Happy Place. Great sushi, awesome karaoke and a super cool crew!