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FAVE Artist?
Led Zeppelin

FAVE Food?
Italian & Mexican w/ Blue Eyes, Oh …Okay…Guacamole, Lobster, and Lasagna!

FAVE Drink?
Vodka Martini Straight Up and
a little dirty w/ 3 olives

GOT Talent?
Guitar, Write Music, Sing In A Choir, Theatre … I Can Belly Dance And play A Mean Tambourine

FAVE Place on Cape?
The Beach Especially The Knob In Woodshole

FAVE movie?
I Have Three Practical Magic, The Fifth Element And Under The Tuscan Sun

FAVE Live Show
I Loved Them All! Too Many To Choose From!

BEST times @ PIXY
Right Here Right Now!

FAVE spot on Cape for a brew?
My New Fave Place To Have A Brew Or Martini Is Papa Jakes Sports Bar In Teaticket!